Thorough understanding of the early drug development process inspired us to design a library for fragment-based drug discovery. A2Z Synthesis Fragment library comprises 3300 fragments identified with application of Rule of three (Ro3).

This library is proposed for FBDD project of any level.

  • All compounds are in stock and ready for prompt delivery (by FedEx)
  • Delivery time is 5 business days
  • Cherry-picking is available
  • Weighing out is free
  • Supplied as dry powders and as DMSO solution
  • NMR spectra are available upon request
  • Purity: 90%+ (by NMR and/or GC/LC/MS)
  • Available amounts: 1 – 50 mg
  • Packaging in deep-well plates or bar-coded vials
  • Re-synthesis is possible

Please download SDF file of our Fragment Library.
Please download our Price List.